1. Exercising During A Heatwave: 8 Ways to Keep Cool and Stay Safe

    Going to work every day and staying cool is difficult enough, but how are you supposed to exercise when temperatures are reaching 35°C and humidity is up at 75%? Don’t worry, you don’t have to put a stop to your training. You might have to adapt it, though.

    Extreme heat puts a lot of pressure on your body, especially when you’re exercising. You use more energy as your body struggles to maintain your core temperature and you’re exposed to much higher UV levels than normal.

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  2. VIP: A Very Important Pup Visits Cycle King

    A few weeks ago, we were visited at our Bury St. Edmunds store by a VIP guest, a very important pup! Thakey, who is just 20 weeks old, is currently in training to become a guide dog, all thanks to the outstanding fundraising by Bryan Garnham. 84-year-old Bryan has been helping Guide Dogs for over 50 years, raising around £49,000 since starting and helping 17 guide dogs gain the training needed. We’re proud to have helped Bryan on his journey, supporting him with old bike parts that he has repaired, reinvented and painted for resale. We’ve also helped him by providing services to the bikes prior to their resale.

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