1. Four ways to make hot weather cycling a breeze!

    The heatwave over the past month has made it difficult to get out and exercise. We know how tough it can be in this weather, so we wanted to give you some ways to beat the heat!

    This list will feature some simple advice that should help to make your warm-weather rides just as successful as the cold ones. It’s not an exhaustive list, though! Do you have any tips or advice that we missed? Maybe you’ve got a secret up your sleeve that makes cycling on a hot day a breeze? Let us know by tweeting at us (@cyclekinguk) or sending us a Facebook message!

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  2. Why should you choose Carbon Fibre?

    When we think of carbon fibre bikes, most of us will probably think of those super-expensive racing bikes that the pros use. For a long time, this was the case, but the price of carbon fibre bikes is dropping fast! You might be wondering ‘what’s so good about carbon fibre anyway?’ That’s what this blog is here to answer.

    We’re going to walk you through the pros and cons of carbon fibre, where it fits in the current selection of bike materials, and why the price is suddenly starting to drop.

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  3. How bad are potholes for your bike?

    We all know how much trouble a deep pothole can cause a car, but how bad is it for your bike? Many potholes are easy to avoid when you’re cycling, especially the ones that would cause problems for your car. It’s the smaller, harder-to-spot potholes that can be very dangerous.

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  4. Fraudulent Website Warning

    It has recently come to our attention that a fraudulent website is being operated under our name, Cycle King. Some of our customers have mistaken this website for our own, and we want to warn all of our customers not to buy from this website.

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  5. 4 Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

    It’s that time of the year again! I’ve been organised this year and my Christmas shopping is done, but I know what it’s like to reach the 20th and realise that I haven’t done any yet. Luckily, I’m here to help!

    Take a look at some handy last minute Christmas gift ideas below. Any cyclist would be happy to receive some of these, but remember to find out whether they already own something similar in as subtle a way as possible!

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  6. Is your bike ready for the winter? Part 2!

    We’re into November. Where has the year gone?! The weather is getting a lot colder now and winter is almost upon us. We’ve got just enough time to give you some last-minute tips on preparing yourself for the upcoming frost.

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  7. Top 4 Accessories to Improve your Cycling Experience

    Accessories are a great way to reinvigorate your cycling experience. Whether it be for security, safety, or comfort, the accessories that we’ve listed below could solve some of your cycling woes! The list isn’t exhaustive, though, so we’ll come back to you soon with some more to add to the list. Got a favourite accessory that we haven’t mentioned?

    Tweet at us or send us a message on Facebook and you might just see it appear in our next list!

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  8. Is your bike ready for the winter?

    As the colder months start approaching, it’s time to prepare our beloved bikes for the winter. Bikes need constant maintenance throughout the year, but especially so in winter. It’s important to take some actions before the cold weather really sets in to prevent any problems when you’re commuting on a cold November morning.

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  9. Fire at Cycle King Bury St Edmunds store

    This page will continue to be updated to provide our customers with news about the fire, reconstruction and reopening of our store in Bury St Edmunds on a regular basis. You can see announcements as they are made below. Thank you for your interest and support.

    Update - 5th March 2018: Demolition work underway at the Cycle King store on Angel Hill that was destroyed in a fire late last year. Work began on Monday 12th February, and aims to pave the way for a new Cycle King store as well as 3 residential flats.

    Darren Hunt, Group Retail Director, comments, "We are looking forward to getting the building work underway and returning to the town centre. Our temporary store on Chamberlayne Road was up and running within three weeks of the fire thanks to the hard work of our staff and the local Council. We have hundreds of bikes there ready to choose from and ride away for all the family. We're keen to be back in our tow

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  10. A Brief Beginner's Guide to Road Cycling

    Are you looking to get started with some serious road cycling? Maybe you’ve just bought your first road bike and you’re a bit anxious about your first ride? We’ve all been there! It can seem quite daunting at first but we’re to give you a few tips that should get you started in the right way.
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