Teaching your little one to ride a bike is a momentous occasion for any parent. If your child isn’t quite ready to pedal, a balance bike could be a great first step! At Cycle King & Hawk Cycle’s, we’ve got an amazing range of balance bikes in-stock, both online and in-store.

Not quite convinced? Let’s run through exactly what a balance bike is, when one might be appropriate, and the reasons your child will love theirs! 


What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is a bike without pedals or stabilisers. To move forward, the rider must push off the ground with their feet! Balance bikes get their name as the absence of stabilises helps kids develop their balance and coordination.

Balance bikes are typically lower to the ground than regular kids bikes, to help them push off and steer the bike. They are also usually a lot lighter than a regular kids bike! For this reason, balance bikes are appropriate for children as young as 18 months.

If your child is older and you’re unsure which bike is suitable for them, our bike sizing guide can help. Alternatively, our helpful in-store sales staff are always happy to recommend the right size and style bike for your little one.



What are the benefits of riding a balance bike?


1. Build up their strength and agility

As well as balance, these bikes will help your little one build up their strength and agility. By pushing off from the ground, they’ll build strength in their legs and develop coordination as they steer with their arms.

These are all important skills and developments for when they are ready to ride bigger bikes in the future!


2. Keeps them active

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all been staying at home more often than we would have liked. Whilst we’re sure your little one still gets plenty of time running around indoors, there’s nothing like an adventure in the great outdoors to keep them active. A balance bike is a perfect introduction to some fun exercise which promotes good health and wellbeing!


3. Develop self-confidence and independence

When your child is young, encouraging their independence can be key to their development. A balance bike is a great way to inspire this, allowing your little one to take control of their movement. If they’ve got older siblings, cousins or friends, they’ll love being able to keep up with the pace on a bike of their own.

As well as developing their independence, a balance bike will help them feel self-confident as they experiment up and down slopes and across different terrains! A balance bike is a fantastic tool to help them develop confidence in their body and abilities.


4. Prepares them for pedal bikes

Starting your child on a balance bike is great preparation for when they are ready to ride a pedal bike. By riding their balance bike, your little one will have developed the balance and coordination that can provide an easy transition into a pedal bike without stabilisers.

On average, children who have experience in riding a balance bike learn to ride a pedal bike much faster!


5. Safe but plenty of fun!

A balance bike is often a safer way for your child to start cycling. In general, balance bikes tend to be much closer to the ground than regular pedal bikes meaning that if they fall, they won’t have far to go. This helps reduce the likelihood of any injuries.

As well as this, balance bikes tend to be a little slower than pedal bikes as they are only able to travel as fast as your child can push off with their legs. This means that you won’t have to worry about any high-speed collisions!

Whilst they offer safety and peace of mind for you, they certainly aren’t any less fun for your little one making a balance bike the complete package!


6. Convenient for the entire family

Buying your little one a balance bike isn’t just a great experience for them but could be a huge convenience for the whole family. Balance bikes tend to be much lighter than traditional bikes, so they’re easy to transport and carry if your child gets tired. They can also fit comfortably on the back-seat of the car or in the boot.

As well as this, a balance bike will transform your family outings and provide fun and laughter for the whole family. Now you can go further on your family adventures without an uninterested little one!


Don't forget accessories

While balance bikes are a naturally safer option for your little one, we would strongly recommend a variety of accessories to help protect them in the event of a fall or collision.

Helmets are always required, whether your child rides a balance bike, pedal bike, scooter or something else! We’ve got a fantastic range of kids helmets in-stock on our website and in our stores at the moment. Your child will love picking their favourite colour and style!

Gloves and pads are another great way to ensure your child’s safety and reduce the chances of any nasty scrapes or bruises. Visit our website to browse our range or ask one of our sales staff to help you in-store.


Balance bikes are a fantastic investment for your little one to help prepare them for a pedal bike and provide plenty of fun! If you’re interested in viewing our balance bike range, visit our website today. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to pop into a store and browse the selection, our sales staff are always happy to help you find the right option for your child.