1. Spare inner tubes and tyre levers

We’ve grouped these 2 together as they’ll both help you with the same problem: a puncture. If your inner tube needs replacing during a ride, the easiest way to get at it is using a tyre lever.

Often made from steel, tyre levels help you replace the inner tube on your bike. They're used by sliding them under the bead of the tyre, which releases it. This gives you access to the inner tube. You could do this by hand, but it’s quite difficult and you shouldn’t rely on your hands to get the job done!

Combine this with a spare inner tube or 2 and you’ll be all set if a nasty puncture stops you during your ride.


2. Tyre pump

Once you realise that you’ve got a puncture, you need to be able to fill your spare inner tube. Tyre pumps come in a few different varieties, all with different pros and cons.

Small pumps are easier to carry around with you but it will take longer to fill an inner tube. Larger pumps are the opposite! You could even invest in a gas canister if you want to inflate an inner tube in a couple of seconds. These are a bit pricier, though, so keep that in mind.

Whatever you decide to go for, a tyre pump is crucial if you get a puncture. Whether it’s in your bag or attached to your bike, make sure you have one with you for every ride!


3. Multi-Tool

There are loads of ways that a bike can break, and many of them are fixable by a simple allen key or screwdriver. A multi-tool will provide you with most of the common things you need to fix these problems.

They’re cheap, small, and easy to pack in your cycling bag. Multi-tools are worth their weight in gold due to how many times they will save you during a long ride.


 4. Credit card/debit card

We’re finishing on the most important thing you should take with you every time you go for a ride. A credit or debit card, and some cash, can save the day almost every time.

Bike broke down and you can’t fix it with what you’ve got on hand? Friends or family not picking up the phone? Having a credit or debit card can pay for a taxi to get you those 20km home!

Never leave the house without it.