Below are some of our top tips for keeping your bike at its best in the winter. We’ll cover some more in a later blog, but do you have any favourites that we haven’t mentioned yet? Send us a message on Twitter or Facebook and you might just feature in our next blog!


  1. Install some mudguards.

As the weather worsens, mudguards can save you a lot of pain. As well as preventing a lot of damage to your bike and its components, they’ll often stop a lot of mud and grit from being thrown in your direction!


It might also be a good idea to pair them with some mudflaps. They’re great if you’re cycling in a group and everyone wants to stay as mud-free as possible. They’ll also help keep your feet a bit drier on those wet winter rides.


2. Fit reflectors.

The days are only going to get shorter so keeping your bike visible is important. Make sure that you fit reflectors to the front, back, and pedals of your bike. Whilst we advise that you have a headlight for your bike, reflectors are a low-tech alternative if your batteries or light fail.

They can really save the day and are important in all situations with visibility is poor. On top of this, remember to wear high visibility clothing to make yourself stand out even more on the roads.


3. Wax your frame!

This is a step that is a little bit less known, especially among more casual cyclists. Waxing your frame with some specialist bike, or even car, wax prevents all that winter mud and grime from building up.


This protects your bike from corrosion and makes sure that it’ll last well through the winter. Once the winter has passed, it also makes the bike a lot easier to clean. You may need to reapply the wax once or twice during the winter as well, to ensure its effectiveness.