It’s very light

Carbon fibre is made up of loads of individual fibres that are then suspended in a glue called resin. Due to this, and the nature of carbon fibre, it’s very light. When compared to other bike materials, such as aluminium, it simply can’t be beaten.


It’s a very durable and strong material

Carbon fibre can be moulded and shaped in virtually any way. This has allowed designers to create frames that can absorb a lot of stress in the right places and means that they can continue to improve on these designers in the future.

What does this mean for you? Well, your carbon fibre frame will probably last longer than your aluminium or alloy one. Also, because the frame is cast as a single, solid piece, it’s less prone to damage.

The biggest cause of damage with carbon fibre frames is user error, such as during the assembly of the bike. That says all you need to know about its durability.


Carbon fibre frames lead to a more comfortable ride

When you’re riding, the thing that affects your comfort the most is how your bike deals with rough or uneven ground. Carbon fibre transfers vibration and shock through the bike in a much better way than more traditional materials, such as alloy or aluminium.

This means your ride is going to be a lot more comfortable on pretty much any surface. It also means that carbon fibre is great for any type of bike, even mountain bikes or BMXs.


Carbon fibre is more expensive than traditional materials

Unfortunately, you can’t get around the elephant in the room: carbon fibre bikes are more expensive than their alloy or aluminium counterparts.

Making carbon fibre is difficult and involves a series of complicated steps to even create it. Once you’ve done that you need to mould it into the shape of a bike frame and make sure that it’s of good enough quality.

We haven’t been creating and using carbon fibre for as long as other bike materials either. So, there’s still a lot of experimentation to make the whole process quicker and cheaper.

The price is coming down, though! Carbon fibre bikes are becoming more and more accessible and affordable every year.


We pride ourselves on our everyday, low prices, even on carbon fibre bikes. You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade from your old alloy or aluminium bike!

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