Source Your Bike

If you haven’t sourced your bike yet, this is the place to begin! How and where you get your bike depends on a variety of factors, let’s run through a few of your options. Do you have an old bike that’s been collecting dust in your garage? Don’t throw it away! Take it out, give it a clean, and assess whether it’s good to ride. If you’re unsure, we’d recommend getting a service, to ensure your bike is safe and ready to go.

Perhaps you’re starting from scratch and would like to buy a bike? At your local Cycle King store, we’ve got a range of different bike options depending on your budget. If you’d like to go for something a little cheaper, take a look at our range of second-hand bikes which function perfectly but at great discount prices.

Perhaps you’re ready to jump straight into cycling this year and you’re looking to buy a new bike? At Cycle King and Hawk Cycles, we have a huge range of bikes available. Pop into your local store and our helpful assistants can advise you on frame size, bike type and more, to tailor your bicycle exactly to your needs.


Clothing, Accessories and Maintenance

Your bike is ready to go, but you might be wondering what else you need. While it might be tempting to buy lots of cycling clothing and every accessory, here are just a few essential items that we’d strongly recommend you grab.

Firstly, a good pair of padded cycling shorts are great for preventing pain or discomfort during your first few weeks. We’d also strongly recommend some reflective clothing, particularly if cycling at night. Finally, it’s important to always cycle with a helmet, visit our website or your local Cycle King store to shop our range of helmets.

As an overall rule, try to avoid wearing overly loose or baggy clothing, as this runs the risk of getting trapped in your wheels or chain. However, fundamentally, it’s important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing while cycling.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some basic maintenance tools. A puncture repair kit and multi-tool for any quick repairs are a great place to start. Take a look at our range of multi-tools on our website or in your local store!


Safety and Comfort

As a beginner, it’s important to practice in a safe area to build confidence before tackling the main roads. We’d advise you to take your bike out and practice in a quiet environment, away from busy roads or traffic. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code and the cyclist hand signals that you’ll need to know and use. For more tips on how to stay safe while cycling, have a read of our how-to guide on becoming more bike smart.

For all levels of cyclists, it’s important that you feel comfortable while on your bike. A great place to start with this is to find the right saddle. It’s a common mistake to think that a saddle with the thickest padding will guarantee the most comfortable ride. Every person’s preference is different, however a longer seat with a cut-out will often be more comfortable. If you’re still unsure about which type to go for, pop into one of our stores and test a few until you find your favourite!

To increase comfort, you should also remember to change position while cycling. Remaining in any fixed position for a prolonged period of time will cause your body to ache and become numb. Simply move your hands around on the handlebars, adjusting your grip occasionally and tweak the way you’re sat on the saddle from time to time.


Benefits and Staying Motivated

We understand that keeping to a New Year’s resolution is often difficult, so to finish, let’s remember some of the benefits you’ll receive by cycling. In general, regular exercise, such as cycling can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. It will also keep your weight under control and can boost your mood! Even a 30-minute bike ride will count towards your recommended weekly activity target and a goal of becoming healthier.

The best way to increase motivation and sustain this New Year’s resolution is to make it a habit. A great way to do this is to use cycling as a form of transport, perhaps cycling to work or to school. For a full list on the benefits of cycling to work, have a read of our blog post. You could also consider joining a beginner’s cycling club or signing up for a charity bike ride. This will give you a specific goal to work towards, and help with that motivation to get on your bike and keep cycling!