Do your New Year’s resolutions include exercising more, increasing your savings or reducing your environmental footprint? An electric bike could be the answer! Keep reading to find out our top five benefits of using an electric bike or scooter this New Year. Already raring to purchase yours? We’ve got loads of great models to choose from on our website and in your local store!


1. Assisted Biking

E-bikes (and scooters) include an integrated electric motor which is activated while you pedal. This means that they provide a little extra boost while cycling so that you can ride for longer and on more strenuous routes with ease.

Electric bikes look and feel very similar to traditional models but can be a great option if you have a long way to cycle, want to try more challenging routes, or if you struggle with particularly strenuous exercise.

The extra boost an e-bike provides is especially helpful for hill climbing. Say goodbye to that uphill struggle and breathlessness and hello to reaching new heights with ease! With an electric bike, you can explore new areas that you previously wouldn’t have been able to reach.


2. Improve Health and Fitness

If you’re looking to keep fit this new year, cycling is the perfect solution! Escape hefty gym fees and get outdoors on a bike ride. Despite popular belief, using an e-bike can be just as effective as cycling on a traditional bike, providing many benefits to your overall health and fitness. Your assisted cycling will only kickstart as you pedal, meaning you’re still getting a great workout, just with a little helping hand along the way.

Cycling is also great for your mental health. Like any form of exercise, when you cycle, adrenaline and endorphins are released which help reduce stress. As well as this, daily exercise is also proven to sharpen your memory and improve brain performance. Let’s not forget that cycling can be lots of fun, especially with friends and family! Get the kids out of the house or unwind after a stressful week at work with some fresh air and exercise.


3. Save Money

An electric bike can be a great substitute for other forms of transport such as trains, buses, and cars! A big advantage of this is that you could save loads of money on petrol, parking, and any other costs that come with other forms of transport.

Also, don’t forget that at Cycle King and Hawk Cycles, our always discounted prices mean you can save lots on e-bikes and scooters! We’ve got something for everyone too, with sports and folding e-bikes as well as more traditional models. All e-bikes start from just £649 and are available to purchase both online and in-store. For a bargain on an electric bike, visit our website or visit your local store today!


4. Environmentally Friendly

As well as saving money, swapping out your car for an electric bike is a great way to be eco-friendly! Compared to motorised transport, electric bikes provide a clean, green and no-petrol alternative.

This is particularly valuable if you’re cycling to work! With the assisted cycling of an e-bike, you can get to work on time, not get too hot or sweaty and feel great about doing your bit for the environment. Plus, our folding e-bikes are perfect to store away in your office once you arrive!


5. Ride with Friends

Cycling with friends and family can be lots of fun and a great bonding experience. However, it’s common for people to be at different levels of cycling experience and fitness. Electric bikes act as a great equaliser for this issue. The assisted nature means that people of different abilities, ages, and fitness levels can cycle together at one speed. Now you no longer have to worry about keeping up with the group! ????



Are you ready to do your bit for the environment, save money, and keep fit this New Year? To shop our collection of traditional, sport, and folding e-bikes and scooters, visit our website or your local store today. For more information on how an e-bike could fit into your lifestyle, feel free to chat with our helpful in-store assistants!