During the lockdown, spring seems to have flown by and we now find ourselves well into June which means it’s almost Father’s Day! As our shops are now open for browsing, we have some excellent gift suggestions for your bike-loving Dad’s. keep reading to find out more!


A new bike helmet

Owning a good-quality bike helmet is imperative no matter what level of experience you are or how often you cycle. If your Dad’s helmet is looking a little worse for wear, it could be a great time to get him something new. After all, he can’t be pairing a perfect bike with a not-so-perfect helmet!

At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we have a great range of helmets in stock in all of our stores (find your local store here). Whatever style, colour or fit preference he has, we can find the right option for him.

Here are just a few of our favourites that we think your Dad might love:



An on-the-go repair kit

With lockdown measures in place, going for a bike ride with the family has been a highlight of many people’s daily routine. As a result, lots of families across the UK have dug out their old bikes and given them clean up ready for lots of cycling adventures. If you’d like some tips on cleaning up an old bike, take a look at our previous blog post.

From talking to our customers, and seeing families cycling around, it’s clear that many have been venturing beyond their local neighbourhood and exploring new places. If your Dad is the same, we’d recommend an on-the-go repair kit or some of our handy maintenance products!

Whether it’s fixing a quick puncture on the go, or lubricating the chain on an old bike, your Dad will love these maintenance products to help get his bike looking good as new and keep him safe when out and about.


A high-quality bike lock

With more people cycling, it’s important to think about the security of your bike. Stories of NHS staff and key workers having their bikes stolen is tragic. We’ve received a lot of messages over the past few months from many of you who have experienced the same. Sadly, there will always be criminals that will take advantage of situations like this so you must be prepared to ensure your bike is secure. A high-quality bike lock is the best way to guarantee this!

At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we offer a variety of locks including cable, shackle, chain and heavy-duty locks. All of these have different uses. If your Dad has a relatively cheap bike that he uses to run down to the shops, then a simple chain lock might suffice. If he has a pricier road bike that he uses every day, a heavy-duty, combination D-lock and cable would be a better option.

Shop our full range of bike locks on our website or in your local store.


Child seat

If he’s a Dad to little ones, then a child carrier could be the perfect accessory for his daily bike rides. The little ones will love riding along with their Dad and he’ll enjoy getting them out for lots of exciting adventures!

Our child seats & child carriers come in a wide range of different styles, suitable for children of different ages and sizes. Here are just a few of our favourite models:

This child carrier gives your toddler the best seat in the house. They’ll love looking around and discovering new sights on their little adventure! The design is safe and innovative, protecting your child from insects and harsh weather elements such as wind and rain.

A slightly more expensive option, this child seat is perfect for children weighing up to 22kg / 48.5 lbs. The little one will love its fun, bright blue and red colours and more importantly feel comfortable due to its reclined angle and ergonomic shoulder support. The child seat can be easily attached and removed from the bike meaning it’s perfect for a Dad who enjoys cycling alone and with the family!


Bike clothing

As we move into the warmer weather, having suitable clothing and accessories to protect you from the sun is increasingly important. Some cycling sunglasses could go a long way, ensuring your Dad can enjoy a bike ride comfortably while protecting his eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

Although we’re enjoying the lighter evenings, it’s still important for him to wear reflective clothing later at night. Often, hi-vis clothing will mean an extra layer which in the summer isn’t ideal. Thankfully, we’ve got a great range of hi-visibility accessories perfect for your Dad. Here are a few of our favourites:


We hope this gift guide has given you some inspiration for finding the perfect Father’s Day present for your Dad. As we reopen our stores for browsing, we look forward to seeing more of our customers and their families after what has been, for many, a very difficult time. For more information on what we’re doing to keep our customers safe, please visit our Covid-19 update page, here.