Update 26.01.2018, 3:33pm: As of a few minutes ago, the fraudulent website has been shut down. We would like to thank everyone for their vigilance and support in helping us to sort this out as soon as possible! - If you, or anyone you know, spots another website that you think might be using our name fraudulently, please let us know.


It has recently come to our attention that a fraudulent website is being operated under our name, Cycle King. Some of our customers have mistaken this website for our own, and we want to warn all of our customers not to buy from this website.


The following web address and email address represent the fraudulent website in question, and should be avoided:


Again, this website is not in any way affiliated with Cycle King and you should not purchase from it under any circumstances. Please let anyone you know that this website and email address are fraudulent.


Unfortunately, we have received calls and emails from people who have bought from this website and have not received any goods. We are currently seeking copyright infringement action against them, but it may be some time before it is fully taken down. It’s important to stress again to avoid this website at all costs and warn any friends and family to do the same.


In the meantime, we recommend that you help us by reporting the website to the trading standards office. Thank you for your support and understanding.