At the start of this year, we didn’t realise we’d spend so much time trying to think of new activities that limit our social contact! So when better to invest in a new way to have fun, exercise, or travel to work? In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to buying an electric bike or scooter.


The benefits of electric bikes and scooters

2020 has been a year for finding new hobbies and keeping ourselves busy. We know lots of you have enjoyed going on bike rides to keep yourself active and entertained!

With an electric bike, you can extend your bike rides even longer thanks to its motor assistance which is activated when you pedal. Despite this, an electric bike ride is still a great form of exercise, allowing you to stay fit, active and motivated.

On top of all of this, electric travel is a great alternative to using a car or public transport, saving you on travel costs and benefitting the environment!


Which electric bike is suitable for you?

When researching your purchase, it’s important to consider what kind of bike or scooter will suit your needs.

Are you most likely to be found taking a leisurely ride around the park? If so, a traditional electric bike for everyday use such as the stylish, easy to use Wisper 705 26" Step-Through E-Bike may be the best option for you.

If you are keen on biking over rough terrain, the Westhill Venture 27.5" E-Bike is designed to provide a smooth ride over gravel and uneven surfaces.

If you intend to travel with your bike or are short on space, a folding e-bike may be your best option. The Powabyke F200 Folding E-Bike is designed with commuters in mind, and its large battery enables you to travel up to 40 miles without charging.


It’s all about the accessories

Before your bike hits the road, it’s worth bearing in mind the accessories you will need to give you the ultimate electric bike experience. Some of our e-bikes like the Wisper 905 26" Crossbar E-Bike come with various battery options, allowing you to choose based on the distances you travel. Additionally, you can upgrade to a high-efficiency Torque Power Pack to extend your travel range even further.

It’s also important to invest in a good quality helmet and lock for your bike or scooter. Take a look at the Accessories page to browse our excellent deals on accessories to keep you and your scooter or bike safe.


Electric Scooters

If cycling isn’t for you, you may want to consider an electric scooter. We offer electric scooters suitable for all ages, starting from just £349. Electric scooters are an incredibly versatile way to travel. Reaching speeds of up to 15mph, with different speed and ride modes and even the ability to connect via Bluetooth, the electric scooter might just be the most exciting way to get around.



The Decent X7 E-Scooter is a lightweight, durable model which has the added benefit of a removable battery which charges to full capacity in just 2-3 hours.  If you are looking for something a little more compact, then the Anlen Folding Electric Scooter weighs in at just 11.7kg, making it easy and convenient for you to carry around.


If you want to know more about electric bikes, scooters and accessories, pop into your local store to browse our fantastic cycling equipment at discount prices.