Whether January meant Veganuary, dry-January, or just simply the longest month of the year, you made it through! Now, February is upon us and that means one thing, Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, we’re dishing out our best advice for finding your perfect match! Now, while we may not be Cupid, we do know our bikes and exactly what accessories you need to finish your perfect look. Keep reading to find out more about our favourite spares and accessories for your dream bike!



Protecting your head while cycling is extremely important and strongly advised. In the potential occurrence of a crash, fall or any kind of danger, you are significantly less likely to experience any serious head injuries. Contrary to some popular belief, wearing a helmet doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or look unsightly. In fact, here are some of our favourite helmets that we’re sure will be your type on paper! ????


Ammaco Road Helmet & LED Light in Grey/Blue

This Ammaco road helmet, in the matt grey and blue colourway, is perfect for both men and women. It comes in three sizes, meaning it can cater to all and includes a rear dial adjustment to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The star of the show with this helmet is it’s LED light at the back. The light includes 3 functions: constant, flashing, and strobe lighting. These lighting features ensure you’re safe and seen while cycling at night but also enable you to signal to other road users if required. This helmet is just £29.99, visit our website to grab yours!


Exclusive! Bern Lenox EPS Rose Gold Helmet

A Cycle King & Hawk Cycles exclusive for you here! This rose gold Bern Lenox helmet provides safety, comfort, and looks incredible! Made from a light-weight, thin shell with a flattering peak, this helmet will keep both the sun and rain out of your eyes. It comes in two sizes with a fully adjustable dial at the back to ensure a snug fit. There are also 8 air vents at the top and the back of the helmet, which ensures appropriate ventilation and reduces any hot and sweaty helmet hair! We think this helmet could couple up perfectly with any one of our amazing ladies bikes.



In these darker, winter months, ensuring you are seen while riding your bike is crucial. According to the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations (RVLR), it is illegal to cycle on a public road after dark without lights and reflectors. This includes a white light showing from the front of your bike and a red light showing from the rear.

At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we stock a large range of lights that can be easily installed on your bike at home. These include white front lights, red rear lights, and complete light sets. Visit our website or your local Cycle King & Hawk Cycles store to shop our full collection of lights so you can find the perfect match for your bike!



If you frequently cycle in public and need to leave your bike unattended, you’re going to want to put all your eggs in this basket. ???? At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we stock three different types of lock to keep your bike safe and sound when unattended.

Cable locks, sometimes called chain locks, are usually comprised of a large cable and a combination code or lock and key. If you’d rather not carry around a key, combination code variations such as this Oxford one are perfect!

The second type of lock is shackle locks, or D-locks, a sturdy and secure option. Many of these, such as this Roxter Shackle Lock and this OnGuard Bulldog lock, are on the larger side so it’s a good idea to go for something like this if you often have space in your bag! If you prefer to travel light, the Masterlock Mini D-Lock, at 15cm is of a more compact size to ensure easy transport.

Finally, we also stock heavy duty chains. These tend to provide the utmost protection for your bike which we’d recommend if leaving it for a long period of time. If your local area is prone to bike thieving, we’d also suggest that you consider using more than one type of lock for additional safety.

For more information on our bike lock options, feel free to message us on Facebook or visit your local Cycle King & Hawk Cycles store to discuss with one of our expert staff members.


Cycle Computers

Finally, what says romance like a cycle computer, eh? ???? We’re joking, of course, but a cycle computer could be the perfect addition to your next bike ride! Many of our cycle computers include a large number of functions that provide valuable information about your bike ride. Some of the stats often featured include speed details (e.g. actual speed, maximum speed and average speed), cadence, trip distance, time cycling, and calories burnt. Our cycle computers are mostly compatible with any type of bike, meaning it could be the perfect accessory for you and your bike!

Some of our favourite cycling computers include these green and pink, giant wireless models which come complete with a replaceable rubber case and backlight to ensure you can read them in the dark!