Type of Bike

The best place to start is by defining which type of bike you’ll need. In order to decide this, it’s important to consider where you’ll be riding and on what kind of terrain. For example, the type of bike you’ll need for cycling on the pavement is different to one if you’re cycling on dirt trails! Considering where you’ll cycle is crucial, as many bikes are made with a particular riding surface in mind. That being said, there are many bikes that are versatile enough that, with a quick tyre change, they’ll suitably be able to ride on more than one kind of terrain.

Let’s run through the different types of bike available and when you might need each one:

Road or Racing Bikes

If you’re likely to be cycling on pavements for the majority of your bike rides, road or racing bikes are for you! This usually includes riding for fitness, leisure, and commuting. If you’re interested in long-distance cycling or touring, racing bikes are also perfect for this.

Road and racing bikes tend to adopt an overall shape and structure designed to encourage an aerodynamic position from the rider. This is because they have lightweight, drop-bar handlebars that curve downward. Therefore, the rider tends to be bent forward slightly creating a sleeker posture. This posture becomes particularly useful for racing as it helps the cyclist combat wind-resistance and cycle faster!

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Mountain Bikes

If you prefer to cycle off the pavements and on a rockier, dirt trail terrain, then a mountain bike is the appropriate option for you. Mountain bikes contain many differences to road bikes which help make them suitable for riding over the rocks, roots, and bumps that accompany off-road cycling.

Firstly, mountain bikes are built with shock-absorbing features and better braking systems, necessary requirements for those bumpier cycle paths. They are likewise prepared to better handle steeper terrain as they feature lower gears than most road bikes. Their bigger frames and components also mean that they’re designed to withhold a more turbulent ride without becoming damaged.

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Hybrid Bikes

Don’t quite fit into either of the above categories? Don’t worry, that’s where hybrid bikes come in! This bike type is designed to suit a mixture of cycling preferences, combining specific features to create an all-in-one bike with a wide range of uses.

No two hybrid bikes are exactly the same, so it’s important to search for a hybrid that suits the specific type of riding that you plan to do. Generally, however, many hybrid bikes will come with the skinny wheels of road bikes, but the quick-turning ability of mountain bikes.

If this sounds like the type of bike that you’ll be needing, feel free to browse your local store or our website for both men and women’s hybrid bikes.


Electric Bikes

Buying an electric bike is less about where you cycle and more about how you cycle. Electric bikes feature a battery-powered motor, meaning they rely less on your ability to pedal than a traditional bike.

Electric bikes are particularly useful if you’re looking to make a regular bike ride less strenuous, for example, if you have to cycle up a hill, or if you’re worried about getting too hot and sweaty before work!

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Folding Bikes

Exactly what it says on the tin! Folding bikes can be folded up and placed into a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. Nowadays, folding bikes are quick and easy to deconstruct and lightweight, meaning they’re perfect for anyone.

Their concise size means they’re great if you have limited storage space at home. Or, if you’re using it to commute and need to store in a small office space. Folding bikes can also be useful if you’re planning to travel with your bike.

Folding bikes are very popular for commuters and travellers. To shop some of our favourite models, feel free to visit our website.


This Ammaco Pakka 20" wheel folding bike is a great example of just how compact and travel-friendly a folding bike can become.This Ammaco Pakka 20" wheel folding bike is a great example of just how compact and travel-friendly a folding bike can become.



Size of Bike

Whether you’re buying a bike for yourself, or for your little one, ensuring that you get the correct size is crucial. Adult bikes are generally measured by frame size and childrens by wheel size. Take a look at the tables below for a rough indication on the size suitable for you or your little one. If you’d like to find out more information, feel free to visit our bike sizing page or our blog post on finding the right size bike for your child.


Adult Bike Sizing

Riders Height In Feet & Inches

Mainly Off-Road Use Frame Size Required

Mainly On-Road Use Frame Size Required

Road Racing Bikes Frame Size Required

4 feet 8 to 5 feet 0

12 to 14 inches

13 to 15 inches

46 to 48cm

5 feet 0 to 5 feet 4

14 to 16 inches

15 to 17 inches

48 to 50cm

5 feet 4 to 5 feet 8

16 to 18 inches

17 to 19 inches

50 to 52cm

5 feet 8 to 6 feet 0

18 to 20 inches

19 to 21 inches

52 to 56cm

6 feet 0 to 6 feet 2

20 to 22 inches

21 to 23 inches

56 to 60cm +


Child Bike Sizing

Age of Child

Wheel Size

3 Years


4 Years


5 Years


6 Years


7/8 Years


8/10 Years


If you’re still unsure on which size bike either your or your child needs, feel free to pop into your local store. Visiting a store and discussing with one of our helpful store assistants is the best way to find your perfect fit. You’ll be able to sit on the bike, try it for size, and check that it’s the right model for you.


Style of Bike

Perhaps the most exciting part, here’s where you’re able to decide how your bike looks! Once you’ve settled on what style and size you need, there are often many ways in which you can customise your bike. Lots of our models come in multiple colour options, so whatever your preference, you can pick a bike to match.

We also offer a number of accessories to both upgrade and customise your chosen bike. Whether it’s a matching helmet, a new bell, some lights, or a bottle cage. Whatever your needs, feel free to ask one of our friendly store assistants and they’ll help you customise your new bike to perfection!