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  1. Cycling Gloves

Cycling can often cause sore and sweaty hands, especially on long rides. This can make it harder to control the bike and leave them with some painful blistering afterwards. Buying someone a nice pair of cycling gloves could make a big difference.

We sell a variety of different cycling gloves here. You don’t have to splash out on gloves either. They can make a great stocking filler that’s sure to put a smile on any cyclists face!


  1. Sunglasses

Whilst it might not fit the theme of Christmas, cycling sunglasses are a gift that keeps on giving. They can be used in summer to avoid the glare from the sun, or during the winter when snow or ice can create similar eye strain. They also come with grips or cords that ensure the glasses stay on your head, and don’t end up at the side of the road!

Our sunglasses come in at a variety of different price points, but you don’t need to spend big to get some good quality sunglasses.


  1. A Strava Premium Subscription

If you know a cyclist who trains every week, then chances are you know someone that uses Strava. Strava is an exercise tracking app that is very popular amongst cyclists. It uses GPS to measure how far you’ve gone, your speed, the map of your route, and loads more.

A year’s subscription to their premium service, which gives some extra functionality, is around £40 and would be a great gift for any actively training cyclist.


  1. A CycleKing Christmas Gift Pack

We’ve put together a variety of gift packs, with large discounts. These gift packs contain loads of different cycling accessories, including helmets, bike locks, lights, weather monitors, and more. There are packs for both kids and adults as well.

We hope that this has helped you avoid that last-minute gift panic! Remember to get in touch with us if you think there’s anything we’ve missed off of our list.