reasons to cycle to work

1. Mental well-being

Like any form of exercise, cycling to work releases adrenalin and endorphins. The release of these chemicals can reduce stress and lead to feelings of euphoria. There are also studies to prove that exercising outdoors can boost self-confidence and your overall mood. It’s time to ditch the gym and begin cycling to work!

You take your car to work, sit in traffic for 20+ minutes and arrive at work stressed, exhausted and tense. Sound familiar? Imagine cycling to work. As you filter past the traffic, arrive in half the time and park your bike without hassle, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the switch! You’ll arrive at work feeling refreshed, calm and with a clear head, ready to begin your day.

Daily exercise is also proven to prevent cognitive decline. It sharpens your memory and improves your overall brain performance, which could improve your efficiency at work!

Let’s not forget that cycling to work can also be fun! Experience a feeling of exhilaration and freedom as you cycle. Cycling is also a great chance to try a new route and take it in some wonderful scenery.


2. Physical well-being

One of the top benefits of cycling to work is that it improves your physical health. The benefits of even a short cycle to work shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, on average, cycling burns as many calories as jogging! Yet as a low impact form of exercise, it has fewer negative impacts on the joints.

Cycling to work can also improve your coordination, boost energy and lower your blood pressure. Also, as a resistance exercise, it will burn fat whilst building muscle.

It is a common misconception, that cycling to work is dangerous and unsafe. There are many ways to ensure you stay safe during your cycle to work and continue to promote the physical well-being that cycling offers. Wearing a helmet is essential, check out our huge range of helmets online or in store! For more tips on how to be safe when cycling, here’s our Beginners Guide to Road Cycling.


3. Money-saving

Everybody loves to save money wherever they can and cycling to work is an easy way to do this! On average, people who cycle to work save £282 every single month. Think how much money you could be wasting on travel to and from work each month! Refilling petrol, Oyster card top-ups, parking costs or bus passes. Whichever method you use, making the switch to cycling is guaranteed to save you money.

If you’re looking to save further, you could also cut back by cancelling your gym membership. By switching to the bicycle, you’re completing your daily exercise before your working day begins! Cycling outside also uses more energy than cycling on a stationary bike at the gym. This means that you save money and make your workouts more effective, it’s a win-win!


4. Convenience

Although it may seem the slower option, cycling to work can save you lots of time! If you choose to make the switch, say goodbye to the days of spending 10 minutes searching for a parking space. In fact, many workplaces now provide secure bike parking. You can also forget about the days of public transport delays, and those wasted hours spent waiting for the bus or train.

Think you’ll miss the convenience of driving your car? Cycle King offers a huge range of bags available in store or online. Whether it’s to carry a laptop, your lunch, work materials or all of the above. Cycling to work is both convenient and time-saving in many ways, and trust us, you’ll be thankful for that extra half an hour in bed!

5. Fresh air

Cycling to work is great for both you and the environment. Riding a bike is a pollution-free mode of transport and a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you cycled 10km to work each way, you’d save 1500kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year! A bike also takes 6.2 tonnes less carbon than a car to make, making it an easy way to look after the environment.

It improves the air that you breathe too! Contrary to popular belief, when riding your bike, you are less likely to breathe harmful air and volatile organic compounds than when inside your car. Dependent on your commute, you could also take a route which escapes the busy roads. A change of scenery could boost your mood, awareness and help you look forward to your commute!