A new year is a perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. As a reader of this blog, chances are you’re a fan of a bike ride but why let your love for cycling end there? Riding your bike doesn’t have to be only about your typical road or mountain bikes. At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we offer a great range of specialist models which are perfect if you’re keen to try something different this new year.

In this article, we’ll explore some of our favourite bike types that stray from the norm and why we know you’ll love them!



A tricycle or trike is a mode of transport comprised of one front wheel and two back wheels. It’s a common misconception to think of a trike as only being suitable for children, as there are plenty of adult options on the market.

Thanks to their extra wheel, trikes are extremely stable and remove the worry of wobbling or falling off. It is for this reason that they are an excellent alternative for adults who are unable to ride a regular two-wheel bike and are especially popular for adults with disabilities.

The stability of a trike also makes it a great option for transporting things, such as your weekly shopping from the supermarket to the safety of your fridge!

We’ve got a few exciting trike models on offer here at Cycle King & Hawk Cycles which all come complete with a fair-sized basket ready to be filled with whatever you might need.



Quite the opposite to trikes, unicycles remove a wheel from the traditional bike, offering an entirely new balancing challenge. Whether you’re keen to join the circus ????, or just looking for a bit of fun, a unicycle could be the perfect new year, lockdown challenge!

Unicycles are notoriously hard to master, so please ensure that you’re wearing adequate protective equipment, particularly a helmet, throughout. You should also seek the assistance of a friend to help maintain your balance and get you started.

If you’re a master at unicycling, we’d love to see you in action! Tag us in a photo or video on our Instagram and we’ll repost our favourites.




First designed in the late 1890s, a tandem bike is a twin bicycle, created to be ridden by more than one person. Today’s tandem bikes are a huge improvement on the early models and are modern, safe and fun to ride with family or friends!

Tandems are great for generating a feeling of togetherness as you and your cycling partner can stay close without one playing catch-up and the other speeding off! Whether you tandem cycle with your partner, family member or a friend, this fun activity helps improve your trust and can provide the laugh that we all need this new year.

If you’re not in the market to buy a tandem bike, why not consider hiring one for the day? For a full guide to tandem bikes, check out our blog post.



Electric bikes & scooters

We’re thrilled that electric bikes and scooters are continuing to take the market by storm. Their popularity has boomed over the past few years and their design and features continue to improve. However, we know that lots of our wonderful customers and readers are yet to switch their traditional bike to an electric one.

When you pedal, the motor inside an electric bike is activated giving the cyclist some extra assistance as they ride. This is perfect for particularly long rides or those tough to combat hills! Whilst they offer some additional assistance, electric bikes are still a great form of exercise, keeping your mind and body active.

If an electric bike isn’t far enough outside your comfort zone, why not try an electric scooter! Great for kids and adults alike, e-scooters offer a stylish and exciting way to get around.

For a full buyer’s guide to going electric, check out our previous blog post here.


Folding bikes & scooters

If you’re keen to try something new in 2021 but want to keep things practical, folding bikes and scooters are ideal. Whether you’re tight for space at home, travel on public transport or fed up of awkwardly squeezing your bike into your workplace, our compact folding bikes can help.

Folding bikes and scooters when expanded look reasonably similar to regular models and offer much of the same functionality. However, with a flick of a lever, they are transformed, folding up to a small, compact size.

When condensed, folding bikes are the perfect size to slot behind a door frame, under a desk or be carried onto a busy bus or train.