Water Bottle

We can’t stress enough the importance of staying hydrated when cycling. Having a good cycling water bottle helps encourage this, meaning you can maintain stamina, and get the most out of your cycle. Studies have shown that a lack of hydration can affect your ability to ride. It’s for this reason, that all cyclists need a good water bottle!

At Cycle King, we offer a wide range of water bottles. These range from £3.99* to £8.99* meaning there’s an option no matter what your budget! Take a look at our full collection of bottles over on our website.


Cycling Shorts

A necessity for any serious cyclist is a good pair of cycling shorts. You can never have enough, and they’re the perfect present to roll up into a stocking! We love our Ammaco Lycra shorts, they provide a great fit with their stretchy lycra material and elasticated waist. They are also padded, ensuring comfort for hours on the saddle. Even if they just need a spare set, they make a great stocking stuffer!



As the winter months of January and February come around, your friend or family member will certainly be grateful for the cycling gloves you gifted them this Christmas!

There are so many glove options, however, one of the main differences lies in full finger, vs fingerless gloves. Which you go for might depend on individual preference, but generally, full finger gloves provide extra warmth during the winter and better protection in an accident. Fingerless gloves allow a little more air to your hands and work well during the warmer months!


Lights and Reflectors

As we outlined in “Getting Your Bike Ready for Winter” (part 1 and 2), lights and reflectors are also particularly important at this time of year. Therefore, these are great stocking filler ideas for any cyclist in your life!


For a money-saving option, this compact twin light set is perfect at just £5.00*! This light set covers both the front and rear of your bike and includes batteries and brackets for fitting. If you’re looking to spend a little more, perhaps this rechargeable LED light set is ideal. This set was given a 7/10 by Cycling Weekly, commending it on offering a good spread of light and side visibility.



A bell could be the perfect present for the casual cyclist in your life. Perhaps someone who enjoys cycling along the seafront or through their local park. This black alloy bell is a great, adult alternative to many of the children’s bells on the market.

However, if you do have children, a bell could also be a great addition to your little’s ones stocking, particularly if Santa is bringing them a bike! We’ve got a great selection of children’s bells and hooters on our website and in-store. Some of our favourites include this ladybird bell and growling tiger horn!


Cycling Travel Journal

For the long-distance cyclist, a Cycling Travel Journal is a fun and thoughtful stocking filler! The journal is great for a creative friend, enabling them to record their cycling travels. They can organise their thoughts, store tickets or souvenirs and even record their journey on a world map!


Puncture Repair Kit

If you’re an avid cyclist, you’ll agree that you never know when a puncture is going to strike. In these situations, a puncture repair kit could mean the difference between finishing your ride or making the phone call of shame!

Take a look at our website for our selection of puncture repair kits, particularly this vintage style tin which includes patches, tyre levers, rubber solution, sandpaper and more. Or, if vintage isn’t quite their style, this more modern repair kit could be, it even includes a multi-tool spanner!


Chain Cleaning System

It might sound boring, but a chain cleaning system can be incredibly practical for any cyclist, especially during the winter. The machine degreases the chain with a four-sided brush action. This £14.99 set even comes with a 75ml bottle of chain degreaser!



Another one for the beginner cyclist, a multi-tool may be something that they don’t realise they’ll need. This 5-in-one multi-tool includes 4 self-contained Allen keys and a screwdriver! It’s pocket-sized, so can be carried on the go, providing peace of mind as it’s perfect for any roadside adjustments or repairs!


*All prices correct at the time of writing (December 2018).