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We don’t kid around with safety.

Bike wheels 20” or less. Free labour, offer excludes parts.

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We all know the feeling, wind blowing in your hair, the heat from the sun on your face… jumping on your bike feeling like the world is yours.

Now imagine if your little one could feel the same. That big grin on his / her face wouldn’t lie: its happiness beyond compare.

But just like any other mode of transport, bikes need to be tested every once in a while. You may not have time, and that’s, actually, where we come in. Our experts will check your little one’s bike to catch any issues before they become a problem.

Pop in to your local store or give us a call to book your FREE bike safety check for kids.

What do we check?


Then what?

Once the check is over, we’ll be able to tell whether your kid’s bike is ready to go or provide a quote for any work is needed to bring it back to top condition. If you decide to book your bike in to be repaired by one of our experts, we’ll make sure it happens as soon as possible (depending on the availability of parts in that particular store).