Proper bike maintenance is crucial in making sure that your bike stands the test of time! We offer a variety of services and products that can help your bike stay at its best.

Bike maintenance is a constant, year-round project. We always advise our customers that doing a little bit of maintenance work every week is better than a big clean-up every few months. This reduces the risk that things will go wrong in between, especially if you’re using your bike regularly.

Once or twice a year, it’s also a good idea to book your bike in for a service with us, especially if you aren’t an experienced cyclist. A full service identifies and replaces any parts of your bike that aren’t up-to-scratch, as well as giving your peace of mind that nothing has been missed. Don’t only rely on these services, though. Make sure you’re keeping things clean and lubricated in the meantime!

As well as our repair & servicing options, we also offer some great maintenance products. Take a look below at some of our product highlights that can help you make bike maintenance a breeze!


TF2 Aerosol Spray with Teflon

- Repels dirt and cleans surfaces, leaving a protective film
- Contains a built-in water repellent
- Teflon coating ensures long-lasting lubrication
- Also suitable for motorcycles, cars, and other machines that you need to maintain

Price: £2.99

Raleigh Pocket Repair Kit

- Portable repair kit for problems on-the-go
- Contains tyre levels and patches in case of a puncture
- Chain tools included to fix broken or detached chains
- Lightweight and small at only 134g

Price: £14.99

Raleigh 20-in-1 Multi-tool

- Affordable, entry-level multi-tool
- Has 20 functions, including 7 different allen key measurements
- Small and portable, perfect for your emergency kit
- Includes 3 box wrench and 3 spoke wrench measurements

Price: £14.99

JCOOL Ratchet Set

- A 10-bit hex and allen key ratchet tool set
- Small and light enough to be part of your emergency kit at only 190g
- Includes a handy ratchet extender for those harder to reach places
- A silver, stainless steel finish ensures long-life

Price: £14.99




Your bike needs to be cared for throughout the year, especially during the height of winter and summer. For more information, sign up to our newsletter below or visit our blog for a variety of helpful articles on maintenance. If you’d like to get reading right away, take a look at these handy articles on getting your bike ready for winter.