Repair and service up to two bikes in your household with £50 off!


It’s time to clean up that old bike and give it a new lease of life! We are now accepting Fix Your Bike vouchers at all of our stores. To find your local Cycle King & Hawk Cycles branch, visit our handy store locator.


To apply for a Fix Your Bike voucher click here!


Switching out public transport for riding your bike has never been more important! Not only is cycling healthier for the environment, but it’s also far healthier and safer for you at this current time. As well as that, it’ll keep you active, save you money, and is plenty of fun for all the family!



How does the Fix Your Bike scheme work?

1. Give your local Cycle King & Hawk Cycles store a call to request your bike repair. We’ll let you know the best day and time for you to come down! For full details of our repair options, click here.

2. Apply for your Fix Your Bike voucher code online in just a few minutes. You will need to provide a few basic details about yourself and your bike. You can apply via the Energy Saving Trust website.

3. Bring your bike, voucher and some ID down to your chosen Cycle King & Hawk Cycles store on the date discussed.

4. Using your Fix Your Bike voucher, save £50 off the cost of your bike repair! If your repair is over £50 you will pay the difference, if it’s under, you won’t pay a thing.


Why cycle instead of driving or public transport?


Easy to social distance

Social distancing on a busy train or bus can be extremely difficult and at peak times, near on impossible. Many of you may be worried at the thought of getting back to your busy commute so cycling is the perfect option! By swapping the train for your bike, you won’t be confined to small, indoor spaces and can easily keep the recommended distance from others.

Great for your health

At least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity is recommended per week by the NHS. Cycling is a great example of this, meaning you’d need to do around 30 minutes of cycling a day for 5 days! Introducing cycling into your everyday routine, such as cycling to work, means you can easily reach this target and beyond. Regular cycling has also been proven to improve your cardiovascular health and increase lung capacity and efficiency.

Helps the environment

By cutting back on the number of times you use your car and public transport, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Looking after our environment has never been more important, so swapping your car for your bike allows you to do your bit to help climate change. Not only this, but it’s much more cost-effective too. Think of all the money you’ll save on parking and fuel!


Cycle to work

Terms & Conditions:

Bike owner must be 18 or over. Repairs must be necessary to make the bike roadworthy and fit for purpose. We cannot replace or upgrade existing safe or roadworthy components. We also cannot replace or repair removable lighting accessories. If the cost of the repair is greater than £50, the cycle owner will need to pay the remainder of the cost. A maximum of 2 vouchers can be claimed per customer address but only 1 voucher can be used per bike. Vouchers must be valid at the point of redemption.