We would like to remind customers that our stores remain open at this time to support our fantastic NHS staff and key workers. We’re proud to offer 20% off spares and repairs for all key workers, simply show your ID badge or uniform. For more information on availability for individual repairs, please give your local store a call.



We pride ourselves on our comprehensive servicing facilities that are capable of carrying out any repair at all of our retail outlets. For prices and more information on the services and repairs we offer, see the below list. To book your bike in for a service or repair, please contact your local store. Details of all of our stores can be found on our store locator.

Servicing 2018-2019 


*Discount is only valid for servicing and repairs of the bike purchased, it does not apply to bikes purchased from other suppliers. Proof of purchase is required, please retain your receipt. Prices exclude costs of extra parts. Extra parts will be advised when needed and under the Elite Service package, parts will be itemised by the mechanic.


Gear service - £16.00
Adjust front mech - £10.00
Adjust rear mech - £10.00 
Replace chain or c/set & adjust gears - £16.00
Replace freewheel & adjust gears - £13.00
Replace front mech (BB fitting) - £20.00
Replace front or rear mech - £13.00
Replace gear cable (F or R) - £10.00 
Replace gear cables (F and R) - £16.00 
Replace gear shifter (F or R) - £11.00
Replace gear shifters (F and R) - £16.00
Replace left-hand crank - £7.00
Replace brake/shift lever (F or R) - £13.00 
Replace brake/shift levers (F and R) - £19.00

Service + replace parts (F or R) - £11.00
Service + replace parts (F and R) - £16.00 
Replace brake levers (F and R) - £16.00
Fit Gyro brake system - £20.00
Replace Gyro cable - £11.00
Replace both Gyro cables - £16.00

Bottom Bracket
BB service. One/three-piece crank - £20.00 
BB service. Replace BB cartridge - £20.00
BB service. Seized BB (£25 per hour) - £33.00


Replace/service headset - £16.00
Replace front forks std or suspension - £16.00

Replace rear wheel - £11.00
Replace front wheel - £11.00
Replace front/rear spindle - £11.00
Freehub body - £13.00
Replace front tyre or tyre & tube - £8.00
Replace rear tyre or tyre & tube - £10.00
Replace rear tyre and or tube on Dutch type - £16.00 
Replace rear tyre and or tube (wheel only) - £7.00
True front or rear wheel - £14.00
True wheel including replacing spokes - £16.00
Build wheel - £33.00

Fitting child seat/computer/pannier carrier - £9.00
Fitting bar-ends/quick fit guards/lights - £6.00
Replace handlebar grips - £6.00
Replace handlebars and or stem - £11.00
Fitting dynamo set or stay fitting mudguards - £16.00 
Replace pedals (£25 per hour if seized) - £7.00
Fitting stand/pump/seat post (£25 per hour if seized) - £6.00

Please Note:-

Elite Service

Subject to availability. Please check with your local store in advance.

Free Safety Check - 

We also offer a free safety check. This involves checking your bicycle over and giving you a free, no-obligation estimate, before carrying out any repairs.

ANY make or Type -

We are happy to repair any make or type of bicycle, regardless of where you bought it.


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